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We are the first Latin American startup to develop a 3D printer for civil construction.

The project began in 2015 with the goal of transforming the construction industry. Our solution to solve the problem of the sector's low productivity implies the use of 4.0 Industry's concepts: digitalization, decentralization and connectivity. We summarize all this with the implementation of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURE, or 3D printing as it became popular, in Civil Construction.


We overcame a great challenge, developing a national machine capable of printing a specific cement paste, also developed by our team and partners. Now we are working within construction companies to adjust and apply all these concepts in the market.

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Going further

After the recognized pioneering spirit, we continue with the mission of promoting the advancement of 3D printing technology in construction.

In 2020 we start a new phase. With the experience acquired in the last 5 years, we understand that Brazil needs to prepare itself to receive the new technologies of the construction sector, technologies that will take our industry out of the current moment and towards the 4.0 Revolution.

It is not new that this involves the digitization of projects, processes and operations. But what we still need to understand is how the consumption pattern of real estate products will be, what customers will expect and what internal changes we will need to make in order to adapt to these new scenarios.


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StartSe - Tainá Freitas

"InovaHouse3D brings 3D printing to the civil construction sector. One way of using it is to print objects using concrete. The United States and China already use this technology, being able to print residential structures. In Brazil, the startup is one of the firsts to bring this technology to the country. "

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