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As pioneers in the field, InovaHouse3D aims to promote technological advances and research on 3D construction printing (3DCP). From machines and systems, to new materials, we want Brazil to take the lead in the digital transformation of the sector.

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What we hear most today is: the world is digital. And this reality will impact all types of projects and industries, by revolutionizing consumption patterns.

Therefore, we started to combine our experience in digital projects and industrialized construction methodologies to prepare you and your company to work in a hybrid and intelligent way!

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3D Custom Projects

In partnership with Érova, Inova gains scale to take orders for personalized projects using 3D plastic printing: dies / molds, models, institutional gifts, trophies, prototypes, jewels, spare parts, decoration, among others.



In 2020 InovaHouse3D go back to its roots and starts a new project called: HABITA-SE.

The goal is to show the different ways that Brazilians occupy spaces, reconstructing the concept of housing and applying new technologies, such as 3D printing of houses.

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